Complete guidance through Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test to all challenges of life. For anyone and everyone! It’s never too late. Our 360° solutions are based upon the biometric analysis that reveals every single detail about an individual.

Plenty of variables impact a child’s psychological or physical development. Among the numerous factors is the parenting style.

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Good academics and proper education is the initial step to having an effective profession. It holds incredible significance in any student’s life and is certainly a success factor.

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Every individual is unique and genius of something. Discover your natural talent and flair in the respective field to help you achieve heights.

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Business requires strategical and analytical planning. The employees are the organization's greatest resource. Have them work to the best of their capabilities to produce maximum productivity.

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Good physical and mental health equals a happy person! Learn about the things that help you be in the equilibrium. This way you always work at your full potential.

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Life Coaching can have a range of positive effects, including improvements in personal insight and self-reflection. It may also help improve overall mental health and quality of life.

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Hobbies and interests make us wholesome beings. Identify your child's innate passion and talent to push him in the right direction. Correct decisions, always.

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A strong foundation for any relationship is communication and understanding. However, quite seldom to master both! Get a closer look into the dynamics of your relationship and the best way to work it out!

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Today I got my profile analysis done by Disha Deepan’s head counsellor Deepti. I have to say, this is one of the best discussion I had about my shortcomings and strengths. I am able to find the issues in my approach regarding both personal and professional lives. She also gave me the methods to work upon my shortcomings to achieve more in my personal and professional goals. Thanks so much, Deepti and Disha Deepan for taking out time and working with me on the process. Keep spreading awareness through Disha Deepan.

SantoshIT Professional with 20 yrs experience

Commendable experience it was, frankly speaking. Liked and appreciated the details given to us for my daughters by Deepti, Disha Deepan Counsellor. It was a paradigm shift for me and my wife in understanding our daughters. The results have been an eye-opener. The report established the linkage between their brain and how to achieve personal and professional growth by mapping out a pathway towards excellence.

Avneesh (Father of two daughters of age 10 & 13 yrs)CIO, IT with 20 yrs experience

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Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test is commonly abbreviated as DMIT. It is a test by which we can extract (Calculate) Multiple Intelligence. It is a scientific study based on fingerprint patterns and brain lobes. Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test helps us in understanding the unique inborn potential and personality of any human brain. Dermatoglyphics techniques have long been researched and developed by scientist Dr. Howard Gardner along with other prominent medical experts. Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test gives a complete picture of a person’s inborn strengths & weaknesses. Accordingly, the future road map can be decided for that person. DMIT is mainly based on Neuroscience and Multiple Intelligence Theory.

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test is the part of science and it is a study of configurations of epidermal ridges on specific body parts, namely, fingers, palms, toes, and the soles of humans. In short, the Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test is the analysis of footprints, palm prints, and fingerprints. It shows the inborn connections between our fingers and our qualities and abilities. These patterns are formed from the outer ectoderm and generally, Dermatoglyphics patterns occur during the 13th week of gestation and are complete by the 21st week.


The number of brain cells distributed in various parts of the brain helps to recognize a person’s multiple intelligences as well as helps in identifying the most appropriate leadership and learning styles for jobs. It is being used for pre-employment screening in many places. It makes any child’s learning programs and helps in the subject and educational stream choice. It helps in finding the right career path and persona via DMIT Counselling.