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    Parenting is the most satisfying and fulfilling job, isn’t that right? Needless to say, it can also be difficult and time-consuming as parents must tend to an infant or child’s daily needs. They are also responsible for helping each of their children develop essential life skills from an early age. Essential life skills that need to be inculcated in their early childhood include daily interaction skills, interpersonal skills, and socially acceptable behaviours. Parents who have more than one child have to have equal and undivided accountability for their respective child’s personalities, as well.


    Plenty of variables impact a child’s psychological or physical development. Among the numerous factors is the parenting style. We live in a continually progressive and dynamic world. With social media, as the biggest and the easiest platform to share your contemplations, it can be easily accessed by anyone from any corner of the world.

    Parental Counselling


    Parent Child Bonding

    Parent Child Bonding

    Guidance on successful Parent Child Communication as per family innates.

    Likes, Dislikes & Strengths

    Likes, Dislikes & Strengths

    Understand your child’s natural likes, dislikes and strengths as per his/her innates.

    Optimized Learning Styles

    Optimized Learning Styles

    Know your child’s learning styles through advanced scientific SRW (Site-Recite-Write) sequence & thought pattern balance.

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      Parent coaching

      The challenge here is to keep transitioning yourself as a parent as your child grows too.

      As parents, we need to train our children and show them the correct morals. Yet, the second a kid goes out into the world, these morals and habits are put to test and can get influenced because of the new environmental factors.

      Particularly with young people, companions and friends are a colossal factor. Thus, it is so critical to be building up great correspondence among parents and the kid.

      Parental counselling helps parents remove the roadblocks they face while dealing with their children and their behaviors. When a child needs extensive care or attention sometimes, Parents may find it difficult to give their children equal attention. Parents end up feeling guilty and stressed due to this.

      According to research, it has come to light that certain factors in parenting can amplify behavioural problems. One of these can be when parents are not united and have different parenting styles. This in turn can send confusing messages to children. Kids end up being confused and unsure about their parent’s expectations. They might end up misbehaving as a reaction to this inconsistency from the parents. Child psychologists emphasize the importance of being a cohesive parenting team in order to bring out the best in your toddler or teen.

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      Manish Mohite
      Manish Mohite
      Had a very wonderful experience with Disha Deepan Bangalore, I am a working professional and was not happy with my previous career so I was looking for a career counselling services for switching my career. Thanks to Disha Deepan I was guided in the right direction and found my strengths and worked on it and now I am very satisfied with my decision to change the career. I would definitely recommend Disha Deepan for anyone who wants to find his correct and purposeful career path.
      Harshi Shah
      Harshi Shah
      Hii! Soo, it’s just one session down, but she is already like a friend to me! She’s so sweet, understanding and most importantly a very good listener. Had the best time opening up in front of her🥰 Her research was literally so true, I didn’t expect this!! Loved it so much, thank you!❤️
      sachin Srivastava
      sachin Srivastava
      Very well touched and explained each aspects. There are many hidden things which as parents we overlook but have lot of potential. We have been able to understand those inside though it was important but never came out, Many thanks to Ms Deepti Arora who has not only helped us to identify the X factor for my son but also gave us precise solutions and alternative to improvise the weak part. I would like to appreciate the initiative Disha Deepan has taken to work for a the potential and nurture the talent for young ones. Thanks for your details report and precise solution.
      Kanika Gupta
      Kanika Gupta
      It was such a great counselling. She talks very politely and peasantly . Loved it totally recommended.
      Aditya Vaidya
      Aditya Vaidya
      It was my first DMIT test and the experience was superb! The counsellors are helpful throughout the process. Their solutions for deciding on a career option proved to be very fruitful for me. They also helped in honing my skills before walking down that career path. I am thankful to the team of Disha Deepan.
      Rayala Seema
      Rayala Seema
      Deepthi is very nice. She can predict the exact cognitive behaviour of a small child with the lobes. She explains it in detail on a weekend parts and suggest solution as well. It would help a lot for children growth.
      Chinmay Dhawade
      Chinmay Dhawade
      Excellent experience of DMIT test, the counseling was good, doing DMIT test was good decision, got good study method counseling for me, thanks to DishaDeepan team. It gives a good look at your strengths and weakness.
      Rakhi Jain
      Rakhi Jain
      This is a very different platform for analyzing our personality and career.Ms.Deepti Arora has been very friendly and kind throughout the session😊Thank you sm Deepti Arora Ma'am and Disha Deepan team for such a wonderful session🙏🏻 I would suggest DMIT counseling for all the parents out there.
      yukti Raj Kishore
      yukti Raj Kishore
      I have got the consultation done by Disha Deepan and Team for my whole family. It was quite an eye opening experience The founder Deepti has a knack and experience to give solutions and guide you with any of your queries with patience.


      Parent coaching, to raise their little ones in today’s world is the need of the hour. In this fast-paced life, parents can often lose sight of what’s actually triggering their child’s problems.

      A parent’s influence can be limited on a child. External factors and peer pressure can be two significant dominating factors. Parental counselling will help the parent identify their child’s needs and come up with a cohesive parenting pattern benefiting them as well as the children.

      Parental counselling can benefit the parents in the following ways:

      Support and guide the children who are suffering from a chronic or temporary behavioural issue. We counsel and coach parents to deal with different behaviours in correct manner .

      Children sometimes refuse to accept assistance from their parents or engage in risky behaviour, for parents of such children, we can guide them in the perfect way to deal with such issues.

      We can also help the parents to remove any distress that they might be feeling or that is being caused while parenting. We can help them relate to certain situations that their children are in and find out the best solutions to issues.

      Parental counselling most importantly aims to impart the necessary knowledge, know-how, guidance, and support to parents without any judgments. This way, they become more equipped and efficient to take care of their children and their needs.

      How to Find a Good Parenting Counselor?

      As parents, we all need one centre where we can get solutions to all aspects of our parental lives like career, parenting, academic and child behaviour. Disha Deepan provides solutions to all of the problems you face or you might face in the future. DMIT test can provide you with the best ways to tackle your challenges. Be it a career, child’s behaviour, child’s academic solutions or how well you are parenting, DMIT is the one-stop solution to these challenges.


      As parents, you try to nurture, protect, and guide your children through each phase of their lives. But, it’s not always a smooth and easy way. As they grow and develop, there are times when your kids display undesirable or unexplainable behaviour—and you don’t always know how to help them when they struggle. Therefore, consider parental counselling for different stages of child development


      DMIT can find out the innate personality and potential your child carries. You can get to know what career is best suitable for your child and how should he study so that he can perform better than currently in his academics. This can help you groom your child in a way that is best for him/her and make your child succeed in life.

      Children can be mischievous as they are immature. But childhood is the age they learn the most and they must be taught how to behave at that age itself so that they can inculcate such behaviour in the long run. Find out what style can help your child learn behaviour in the best way possible as per his innate personality.

      You want to be seen as super parents in your child’s views and for that, you must have a specific style of parenting. When to be strict, when to be a bit lenient depends on case to case but you can change your style as per your personality and can groom your child accordingly. Find out what style of parenting suits you best!

      Parent coaching



      Babies behave as they do to get their needs. For example, when they cry they’re trying to tell you that they need something – maybe they’re hungry or feel tired. They are trying to express their likes and dislikes in the only way they can. When you’re stressed you may feel your baby is being tried to provoke you. Remember you should never shout or hit a baby.

      All toddlers test limits and research show that a child’s brain is still developing during this period so there are limits to how much they’re able to control their emotions. Remember that the behaviour in young children that is often seen as naughty is really a part of becoming normal and growing up.

      We can set boundaries for them in the following ways:

      ● Introduce boundaries from an early age.

      ● Try to avoid using orders and warnings.


      School-age children are always learning and exploring their world. They may have many questions as they start to form their own views on issues. As they move towards being more independent they may appear to push limits and become more challenging, an essential part of growing up.

      As children started to build up their own identities in their teenage years, they may become more challenging – sometimes seeming “moody” or not as talkative and open as their parents would like. They may be more inclined to disagree with their parents or to choose different views. Friends (and celebrities) can be a big influence and your child may not always be what you want them to be.

      We can set boundaries for them in the following ways:

      ● Be willing and give your children opportunities to show they can be trusted.

      ● Avoid criticism wherever possible. If your child has done something wrong, explain that it is the action and not them that you’re unhappy with.


      So far, we have seen there is a more proportion of misunderstanding between the parents and their kids. Many times it has been seen there is a lack of communication or the incorrect method of communication followed. DMIT test is a good opportunity for the parents to understand the behaviour of their child in a scientific manner. The parents would come to know what is the best way to interact with their kids. This test will not just help to make bonding between parents and a kid but as well it will help to yield a positive result from the relation.

      Be it your career or your compatibility along with your spouse, the DMIT test is a marvellous methodology even to adults.



      What is the need of parental counselling?

      All parents are susceptible to various problems that may affect the way they take care of their families, especially with respect to how they raise their children. When they decide to take the step and begin parental counselling, parents show their children that they care about the well-being of the family unit and also help destigmatize any crucial communication and adherence process. Parental counselling can be done with one or both parents and focuses on helping parents to learn ways to encourage positive behaviour, manage undesirable behaviour, and understand the social and emotional needs of their children.

      What is the right way to teach discipline to my child?

      Every child is unique and hence the way to deal with each child has to be different. Still, the one thing which works for all children is communication. Right communication is the key to get to know your child better and then let him or she follow the steps in the way they understand. Love and balanced support will make them understand the importance of discipline in life.

      How can I help my child/teen succeed in life?

      The meaning of success is different for all of us. As parents, we aspire for our children to be financially secure with a prestigious job or career path. Although we need to first be well equipped and well informed as parents to be able to help our children with their careers. First know the personality, interests, and aptitude of your child and then help them decide on the correct career choices to be taken.

      How can I deal with child’s moody behaviour?

      There can be various reasons for a child to be moody. They can range from age, environment, sleeping hours, eating habits, friends, trauma, and many more. First, we need to figure out the cause of moodiness and what triggers it and then a strategy can be defined to help you as a parent through counselling as to how to approach your child correctly as per his /her personality and innate qualities.

      Can my child/teen come with me for counselling?

      Yes! It is best to bring the child for the session for some one-on-one time with our counsellors. Children sometimes get shy or hesitate to share their views, perspectives, thoughts, and problems with their parents. Counsellors at Disha Deepan know how to communicate with children so that they can speak their minds out and correct parenting strategies can be suggested to the parent for their emotional and learning needs.

      How do I set-up first parent-child counselling session?

      You can reach out to us in the following ways to setup Online or Personal sessions

      1. Please call or WhatsApp us at +919818037087 with your queries and we can schedule a session for you.
      1. You can also fill the Enquiry form here and we will get back to you earliest.
      1. Or you can fill the Google form and we will reach out to you. https://forms.gle/tDqCmEQTorjdH3vM8

      How do I talk to my children about mobile use?

      Children do what they see. So before preaching you need to adhere to the same thing that you are asking of the child. If not children get mixed and confusing signals and it becomes difficult for them to trust and listen to parents. So let them follow by example. Read, play, write, enjoy together to create family time together, away from devices, and children will start following the suit.

      How will divorce affect my child/teen?

      Divorce is a traumatic situation for the whole family and kids take it even harder. So you need to be careful on how to bring it to the children and then normalize it so that they won’t feel embarrassed and uncomfortable about the situation whether they are with you or in some other company like school or gatherings. Our counsellors can help you identify the correct way to address this with your children as per their personalities.