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    Dermatoglyphics touches onto a specific branch of science based on the study of the patterns of human skin (dermal) ridges which are present on the fingers, toes, and soles of a human. External ectoderm which occurs during the foetal development stage forms these patterns. Human fingerprints are formed from the 13th to the 21st week of foetal development.


    Science and Medical experts discovered that a person’s multiple intelligences, innate qualities, and personality can be gauged by the amount of brain cells distributed in different parts of the brain via DMIT counselling.

    Fingerprint Test DMIT

    The online DMIT Test is a biometric analysis that features on the basis of the study of human fingerprints. While DMIT counseling is useful for age groups, it is particularly beneficial for parents and tutors to understand the child’s potential, strengths, and innate capabilities. It also sheds light on areas that need specific moulding or needs to be worked upon. Armed with this information DMIT assessments give clear and crisp insights and vocational recommendations extracted from the child’s biometric.


    A human’s fingerprints reveal the exact information on what we need and how we learn, in turn transforming our lives via holistic well-being solutions.


    The full form of DMIT is dermatoglyphics multiple intelligence test, it is a scientifically proven technique which helps in finding out the inborn skills, talents, potential, and personality of a person. DMIT is a scientific study based on the physical formation of fingerprints that are linked to the human brain. Many scientists and medical experts have approved and confirmed that the fingerprints provide an accurate and correct understanding of a person’s multiple intelligences and their inborn potential. Normally the Intelligent Quotient (IQ) test is used to identify the degree of intelligence in a person, but now DMIT is being used by many schools, colleges, educational institutes, and career guidance experts to reveal the person’s true potential.


    The test would as well help while recruiting people, planning different memory enhancement programs, deciding on a career from available options, and directing the focus of an education. As far as career is concerned, the confusion always lies not only with the students as well as their parents also. The test that non-invasively decides your inner capability would be the good choice to arrive at a better solution.



    It’s over eight decades, the study of dermatoglyphics is developing. It has absolutely proven the connection between fingerprint patterns and personality types. The test will let you know, which part of your brain is dominant. It helps to identify your learning style. It interprets your strengths and weakness. You will come to know your innate intelligence. Overall, this test will assist you to make your life choices wisely.

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    Manish Mohite
    Manish Mohite
    Had a very wonderful experience with Disha Deepan Bangalore, I am a working professional and was not happy with my previous career so I was looking for a career counselling services for switching my career. Thanks to Disha Deepan I was guided in the right direction and found my strengths and worked on it and now I am very satisfied with my decision to change the career. I would definitely recommend Disha Deepan for anyone who wants to find his correct and purposeful career path.
    Harshi Shah
    Harshi Shah
    Hii! Soo, it’s just one session down, but she is already like a friend to me! She’s so sweet, understanding and most importantly a very good listener. Had the best time opening up in front of her🥰 Her research was literally so true, I didn’t expect this!! Loved it so much, thank you!❤️
    sachin Srivastava
    sachin Srivastava
    Very well touched and explained each aspects. There are many hidden things which as parents we overlook but have lot of potential. We have been able to understand those inside though it was important but never came out, Many thanks to Ms Deepti Arora who has not only helped us to identify the X factor for my son but also gave us precise solutions and alternative to improvise the weak part. I would like to appreciate the initiative Disha Deepan has taken to work for a the potential and nurture the talent for young ones. Thanks for your details report and precise solution.
    Kanika Gupta
    Kanika Gupta
    It was such a great counselling. She talks very politely and peasantly . Loved it totally recommended.
    Aditya Vaidya
    Aditya Vaidya
    It was my first DMIT test and the experience was superb! The counsellors are helpful throughout the process. Their solutions for deciding on a career option proved to be very fruitful for me. They also helped in honing my skills before walking down that career path. I am thankful to the team of Disha Deepan.
    Rayala Seema
    Rayala Seema
    Deepthi is very nice. She can predict the exact cognitive behaviour of a small child with the lobes. She explains it in detail on a weekend parts and suggest solution as well. It would help a lot for children growth.
    Chinmay Dhawade
    Chinmay Dhawade
    Excellent experience of DMIT test, the counseling was good, doing DMIT test was good decision, got good study method counseling for me, thanks to DishaDeepan team. It gives a good look at your strengths and weakness.
    Rakhi Jain
    Rakhi Jain
    This is a very different platform for analyzing our personality and career.Ms.Deepti Arora has been very friendly and kind throughout the session😊Thank you sm Deepti Arora Ma'am and Disha Deepan team for such a wonderful session🙏🏻 I would suggest DMIT counseling for all the parents out there.
    yukti Raj Kishore
    yukti Raj Kishore
    I have got the consultation done by Disha Deepan and Team for my whole family. It was quite an eye opening experience The founder Deepti has a knack and experience to give solutions and guide you with any of your queries with patience.


    All of us spend lots of time, money & energy in becoming successful in real life, but the majority of people can’t reach that goal of success that they deserve. Parents generally spend lots of money with regard to their children through childhood to the advanced schooling stage for making them successful; most of them cannot achieve that target. Parents often wonder why their children cannot succeed in life even with proper education learning.

    An Online DMIT Test will help you to find the proper way for your child to succeed in life rather than spending your precious time on other things. DMIT can not only be done through physical meetings but can be done online as well. You can sit in any corner of the world and get counselling through our certified DMIT counsellors.


    DMIT counselling is a session where clients and counsellors come together in a more developmental and effective way with the common objective of meeting the client’s problem. This process leads to action on the part of the counsellor, personal growth of the client occurs and solving the problem is an expectation.


    DMIT counselling helps people to have deeper self-knowledge, change attitudes, change their perceptions and change the perceptions of others. It can be either personal or professional counselling depending upon the needs of the person.


    The DMIT counselling test can be helpful for identifying individuals’ comfort zones. There are different types of DMIT counselling-


    Career Counselling: Career counselling is a need of the hour. So DMIT can be a great test to identify the most suitable career option based on innate intelligence.


    Behaviour Counselling: DMIT counselling determines the causes of individual behaviour and therefore DMIT is a great way for behavioural counselling.


    Academic Counselling: Every child is different and therefore through DMIT Counselling counsellors can tailor their learning programs. Thus DMIT counselling will help in achieving academic excellence.


    Couple / Relationship Counselling: Today we find that life in metro cities is very different and challenging, with the growing differences between couples increasing the demand for counsellors. Therefore the DMIT counselling is a great method to understand each other scientifically and to go beyond differences.


    Many parents who come to their child’s counsellor have a common problem – they say that they refuse to improve their child’s performance even after giving their child the best of everything. DMIT or Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test is the answer to this problem. It is a test that analyses how a child’s mind works and what his or her inherent talents or skills are. Therefore, it is the main DMIT test benefit.Executing the study of human fingerprints can help and discover an individual’s potential in all walks of life. DMIT can be beneficial to various demography of individuals as follows:

    DMIT Important Life Decisions


    ● DMIT counselling tests have revealed that even twins can have different brains, fingerprints that differ, and their own unique core competencies.


    ● DMIT has proven to be effective to help every child to focus on their innate potential and core competencies.


    ● There are usually 3 Learning Styles – 1) Visual 2) Auditory 3) Kinaesthetic. Once the right-leaning style is revealed one can work in a structured way to achieve effective and great results.


    ● Every child is unique and full of different talents. The crux lies in identifying their strengths and work on enhancing those skills in the right direction which is revealed by the Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test.


    ● In comparison to other Psychometric assessment tools to arrive at the right vocational conclusion options, DMIT fingerprint analysis is far more reliable with its results staying the same for life.


    ● DMIT results are free from the mindset of the individual or any kind of external manipulation hence its accuracy cannot be compromised.


    ● Online DMIT Test shows our potentials and comfort zones or potential zones, which in turn help us, build a stable career and live an enriched fulfilling life.


    ● This DMIT test reveals the best career stream for students post their board exams along with charting out their career graph for life depending on where their inclination lies.


    ● The DMIT Test aids in determining the exact capable strength of the brain lobes. Using the power of these strengths the test can help an individual map various career options.


    ● It’s a known fact that any task we do is a versatile combination of multiple human intelligences. The same holds true for an individual’s education and career path.



    ● Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test has proved to be an excellent and almost accurate tool that helps in hiring the right candidate for the right role based on the capabilities and inclinations.


    ● Many Corporates today use the DMIT tests to measure their employee’s strengths and skills across various parameters.


    Online DMIT Test helps in individual counselling as well for an employee and works by elevating their morale. It sheds light on the right path while catering to their comfort zones and also determines what can keep them happy and fulfilled in their life.


    ● A major benefit of the DMIT fingerprint analysis that based on the strengths of individuals, it can strategically find the right career path and set one rightly on their road to aspirations.


    DMIT has been proved extremely efficient with regards to couples counselling and resolving relationship issues. Many couples complain that despite putting in efforts they are not able to resolve their relationship issues. The Results of the online DMIT analysis help identify the pain points in the relationship along with the communication gaps. Counsellors can help you address these issues and strategize ways to overcome them. The Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence test analysis has positively shown encouraging and effective results in weaving the fragments of a relationship together.

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      Is DMIT test safe?

      We guarantee full encryption of your fingertip profiles under the product immunity act. The encrypted profiles are immediately deleted from the system once the analysis is completed and the report is generated. For details, please click here

      How DMIT test is done?

      1. The client’s NEPs (Neuroscientific Evaluation Pattern) are captured.
      2. NEPs uploaded for technical team review.
      3. The report is generated and analyzed.
      4. One-on-One report discussion with the client.


      For details, please click here

      Who can benefit from DMIT test?

      DMIT Test is not age-specific. Everyone can benefit from it irrespective of age, gender, cast and creed. It is useful for children, students, parents, couples, retired seniors, homemakers, employees and entrepreneurs. For details, please click here

      Is DMIT test true?

      DMIT test analyzes your brain inclination and identifies your inborn characteristics, traits, talents and personality. It is absolutely accurate and without bias of external factors such as language, culture, mood, ethnicity, moral values, etc. It identifies your IQ, EQ, CQ and AQ and suggestions are made accordingly rather than just considering IQ.

      What is the cost of DMIT test?

      Please get in touch with our consultants for your specific needs. You can reach out to us in the following ways to set up Online or Personal sessions.

      1. Please call or WhatsApp us at +919818037087 with your queries and we can schedule a session for you.
      2. You can also fill the Enquiry form here and we will get back to you earliest.
      3. Or you can fill the Google form and we will reach out to you.  https://forms.gle/tDqCmEQTorjdH3vM8.

      How are our brain and fingerprints connected?

      The nerves which start from our brain end in our fingertips and the pattern they make on our fingers are called fingerprints. So when we analyze a person’s fingerprints, we can identify the qualities of that brain and utilize them to achieve ease, contentment and success in life.

      Can fingerprints be the same?

      Not even twins have the same fingerprints. Everyone has unique fingerprints and hence they are used as personal identification worldwide. And as our fingerprints are unique, so are we. Each of us is unique and genius in our own zone.