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    What is DMIT?

    The full form of DMIT is dermatoglyphics multiple intelligence test, it is a scientifically proven technique which helps in finding out the inborn skills, talents, potential, and personality of a person. DMIT is a scientific study based on the physical formation of fingerprints that are linked to the human brain. Many scientists and medical experts have approved and confirmed that the fingerprints provide an accurate and correct understanding of a person’s multiple intelligences and their inborn potential. Normally the Intelligent Quotient (IQ) test is used to identify the degree of intelligence in a person, but now DMIT is being used by many schools, colleges, educational institutes, and career guidance experts to reveal the person’s true potential.


    Online DMIT Test


    A person with a Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test is more likely to have success in their careers and life as compared to those who do not undergo the Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test. In today’s world where there is very little time to know about oneself, Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test provides the easiest and safest way to know one’s traits and capabilities.

    What are the Benefits of the DMIT Test?

    Dermatology is like a map that leads one to understand one’s own abilities and skills. Everyone gets innate intelligence from their parents and everyone has a genetic parent and an innate intelligence from their parents. There is no way to develop a complete intelligence of memory, comprehension, reasoning, analysis, integration, and applications unless one’s intelligence is inspired and given a chance to develop further.


    Many parents who come to their child counselor have a common problem – they say that they refuse to improve their child’s performance even after giving their child the best of everything. DMIT or Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Tests may be the answer to this problem. It is a test that analyzes how a child’s mind works and what his or her inherent talents or skills are. Therefore it is the main DMIT test benefit.


    Determining this will not only enable teachers and parents to better understand the needs of the child but will also provide an opportunity to modify their teaching plans and procedures so that the child will be able to better absorb information. Adults can also opt for the benefits of the DMIT test and improve their performance skills. An adult will find that he is trying very hard at work and yet he has failed to achieve his goal – Maybe he doesn’t know that his way of working is wrong and maybe he will perform in another field as well. This test can be an eye-opener and many professionals are of the opinion that they have started performing very well.

    Who benefits from the DMIT test?

    1. Toddlers (age 1-4)

    A large number of connections and collections have been reported in the brain from birth to three years of age. Knowing a toddler’s potential at an early age helps parents make decisions on parenting styles and educational methods and it also helps them to choose the right school & right direction for the little ones. This is the time when you can change their innate intelligence and improve their weak intelligence.


    2. Children (age 4-10)

    From three through twelve age, the brain starts to take off the excessive synapses in an attempt to get organized and eliminate what is not needed. At this age, children are eager to learn and learn more when they grow up. Finding out their academic style and areas of intelligence at this age is an indication of what courses and activities they want to spend more time on.


    3. Teenagers (age 10-15)

    It helps to know your analytical and creative skills. Also helps in understanding your intrinsic potential and getting your preferred learning style based on visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.


    4. Young Adults (age 16+)

    Age 16 and above, this is the stage where you can make decisions about your career. It helps to know your personality types. Develops your core competencies. Recognizes your Multiple Intelligence. Also helps to know your strength and weakness based on MI Theory. Helps to find out the most suitable learning and leadership qualities. This is the stage where you can decide about your career.


    5. Adult (age 25+)

    Between the ages of three and twelve, it helps to know your hidden talents. Improves your relationship with loved ones. Develops your understanding through good communication. Helps in understanding your values ​​and characteristics. Your family relationships improve.

    DMIT Test

    The word ‘DMIT’ means ‘dermatoglyphics multiple intelligence test’. This is a non-invasive technique to find your approximate brain ridge count. DMIT test helps you to understand your ability and personality type. DMIT test is based on the understanding of Genetics, the study of Dermatoglyphics, Psychology, Embryology, and neuroscience.  So far numerous universities have accepted this technique to analyze the inborn capability of a person.


    The clinical experience so far suggests, there is a definite connection between fingerprints and the inherent capability of a person. The test is beneficial for understanding the inner abilities of a person. The test would as well help while recruiting people, planning different memory enhancement programs, deciding on a career from available options, and directing the focus of an education. As far as career is concerned, the confusion always lies not only with the students as well as their parents also. The test that non-invasively decides your inner capability would be the good choice to arrive at a better solution.


    Online DMIT test

    All of us spend lots of time, money & energy in becoming successful in real life, but the majority of people can’t reach that goal of success that they deserve. Parents generally spend lots of money with regard to their children through childhood to the advanced schooling stage for making them successful most of them cannot achieve that target. Parents often wonder why their children cannot succeed in life even with proper education learning. An Online DMIT Test will help you to find the proper way for your child to succeed in life rather than spending your precious time on other things.

    Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test

    How DMIT test will help you?

    It’s over eight decades, the study of dermatoglyphics is developing. It has absolutely proven the connection between fingerprint patterns and personality types. The test will let you know, which part of your brain is dominant. It helps to identify your learning style. It interprets your strengths and weakness. You will come to know your innate intelligence. Overall this test will assist you to choose your career wisely.


    If you are a kid the test will tell you exactly where to focus. It will also tell you how much effort is needed to learn a particular subject.


    The parents would have the option to give enough nourishment to their kids. They can create a conducive ambience that would be useful for their kids to succeed.

    DMIT Fingerprint Analysis

    The procedure of conducting DMIT test

    Multiple intelligence test is a scientific and proven methodology. There are no two people who have identical fingerprints. Moreover, once formed, your fingerprint will not change throughout your lifetime.


    The research says these fingerprints would be a natural map to understand your inner ability. Every person is unique and possesses all types of Intelligence in varying proportions. DMIT test assists with understanding the approximate proportion of your intelligence which would be useful to focus your attention in a specific field to succeed. DMIT test helps you to understand the distribution of your knowledge. When you come to know what might be your preferred learning style, you can easily anticipate the number of efforts required to increase a favourable result in a specific field. The test helps you to understand the sensitivity of your learning which would be useful for you to plan and direct your efforts.


    So far, we have seen there is a more proportion of misunderstanding between the parents and their kids. Many times it has been seen there is a lack of communication or the incorrect method of communication followed. DMIT test is a good opportunity for the parents to understand the behaviour of their child in a scientific manner. The parents would come to know what is the best way to interact with their kids. This test will not just help to make bonding between parents and a kid but as well it will help to yield a positive result from the relation. Be it your career or your compatibility along with your spouse, the DMIT test is a marvellous methodology even to adults.

    Online DMIT Test

    What is the DMIT Fingerprint Analysis?

    Dermatoglyphics refers to epidermal ridges on the palm, soles, fingers, and toes. When neuronal development occurs in the intrauterine life of the fetus, the same epidermal ridges are formed during the same intrauterine period. Everyone has unique fingerprints even in twins. These fingerprints will last a lifetime until they are damaged by skin injuries. The various regions of your brain are reflected by fingerprints, palm prints on 10 fingers, palmar and plantar surfaces, respectively, and these dermatoglyphics represent different regions of the brain so dermatology can be used in mental intelligence testing (DMIT) and Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Fingerprint Analysis now a day is being used worldwide. DMIT Fingerprint Analysis is an analysis of a combination of new computer technology and science using Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) software. By DMIT analysis, we will exactly understand the distribution and cell amount of cells in the left and right brain of a cell and make predictions where the potential is.

    Types of intelligence in DMIT fingerprint analysis:


    This intelligence has introspective and self-reflection ability. People who are best on intrapersonal intelligence like to work on their own ideas and can sometimes be seen as introverts. They are usually highly self-aware and able to understand their own feelings, goals, and motivations. People best on intrapersonal intelligence like to work on their own ideas and sometimes may be seen as introverts. There is often a high level of perfection related to this intelligence.

    Relevant Careers: business consultant, psychologist, novelist, etc.



    This intelligence is related to interacting with others. It is knowing that happens when working with and relating to other people, often as part of a team. This knowledge developed the range of social-skills needed for effectively enhancing person-to-person communication and relationship building. People with interpersonal intelligence learn through personal interactions. They communicate effectively and tend to have lots of friends, exhibit a deep understanding of other points of view and show a great deal of empathy for others They usually learn best by working with others and often enjoy discussions and debates.

    Relevant Careers: teacher, consultant, public relations specialist, etc.



    Linguistic intelligence consists of knowledge from language; by reading, writing, and speaking. People with high lexical-linguistic intelligence display facilities with words and language. They are good at reading, writing, telling stories, and remembering words with dates. They tend to learn to read, take notes, listen to lectures, discuss, debate, and so on. They are often skilled at explaining, teaching, and oratory, or speaking from the heart. People with verbal-linguistic intelligence learn foreign languages very easily because they have a high vocabulary memory and recollection and the ability to understand and handle syntax and structure.

    Relevant Careers: author, poet, reporter, translator, etc.



    This intelligence works with logic, abstraction, reasoning, and numbers. People who are inclined towards naturally in mathematics, chess, computer programming, and other logical or numerical activities. They love to experiment, solve puzzles, and solve other problems. They are relatively more systematic and organized, with rational reasoning behind the actions undertaken.

    Relevant Careers: Mathematician, engineer, scientist, accountant, etc.



    This intelligence has physical movement and physiology. The mantra of this intelligence is “Learning by Doing”. People who have physical-dynamic intelligence should learn better by incorporating muscle movements and are generally better at physical activity. They may enjoy acting or performing. Instead of reading or listening to it, they learn better by doing something physically. People with powerful kinesthetic intelligence like physical movement, dancing, and making things with hands.

    Relevant Careers: Surgeon, actor, dancer, musician, Jeweller, Carpenter, athlete, etc.



    This intelligence is related to rhythm, music, and listening. Those who have a higher level of musical-rhythmic intelligence show greater sensitivity to sound, rhythm, melody, and music. They usually have a good pitch and are able to sing, play musical instruments, and make music. Since this intelligence has a strong auditory component, those who are strongest in it can learn best through lectures. In addition, they usually use songs or rhythms to learn and memorize information and work great with playing music in the background.

    Relevant Careers: Singer, song composer, musical teacher, instrument technician, songwriter, etc.



    This intelligence has to do with vision and local decision making. People with visual-spatial intelligence usually handle skills in visual and mental things. They have a visual memory and often a tendency towards artistry. This intelligence reflects the knowledge that arises through the images, shapes, designs, patterns, and colors seen by our eyes, and also includes the accumulated images. People who are powerful in visual-spatial intelligence tend to think in images and pictures.

    Relevant Careers: Architect, artist, interior designer.



    This naturalist intelligence has related to the knowledge that occurs in and through a person’s encounters with the natural world. People who are said to be more sensitive to nature and their place in it, have the ability to nurture and grow things and have greater ease in caring for, teaching, and interacting with animals. To really learn something new, they need to combine new experiences with previous knowledge. They mostly have an affinity and respect for all living beings.

    Relevant Careers: Environmental scientist, botanist, zoologist, oceanographer, gardener, farmer, etc.