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Deepti Arora

Deepti Arora 

Founder, Disha Deepan 

Deepti strongly believes that ‘Giving back is the one and only way of Life’ and ‘World helps you back in its own way for every helping hand you provide on your way to life’. These mantras give her the energy to always try and be positive, share her knowledge, and passionately live life. In the college she was appropriately named as Miss ‘May I Help You’ for her inborn innate helping nature. 

She is a B.Tech computer science graduate with 15 years of experience in core IT software development and design. Being a Program Manager what she likes most is how to be on top of things, structure and plan in advance, trying and solving problems and most importantly impart trainings on technical as well as soft skills like Time Management, Stress Management, Different communication Styles and  Behavioural  Etiquettes which helps the knowledge flow continue and it gives the medium to meet new and fresh people with a lot of good energy and self-learning mantras.  

She loves books, cooking for friends and family, travelling and learning new things on the way. Experiences of living in different parts of the world including US, Europe, Middle East, and Southeast Asia apart from our own country gave her insights and glimpses of how different or similar life is at different places, how people think in different situations depending on their geography and lifestyle and how to be more open to the different ways of life and varied characteristics of human beings.  

What fascinates her the most is that how different education makes you learn different values and at the same time still how your basics remain same depending on your brain functioning (your innates), the process to reach a solution remains same for any geography you are born depending on how your brain functions even if the outcome and solution are different depending on your life choices.  

Taking this knowledge and thought to be able to help people identify them to make better and known effective choices for themselves, she started as a Neuroscientific counsellor after acquiring her certification in the field and  DishaDeepan was formed. Since then she has helped many families, individuals, children, and professionals identify their potential to be able to lead a happy and successful life.  


Rupali Shukla

Rupali Shukla

Advisor, Disha Deepan 

Rupali, holds a post graduation degree(M.Tech) in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur, one of the most reputed and prestigious institution in India. She is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). She has published two papers in international journals on the subject of ‘Convective heat transfer’ and is a member of IChemE (Institute of Chemical Engineers), Australia. 

She has more than 15 years of process design experience with the multinational giants in Oil & Gas industry across different geographies of the world including Australia, Europe, USA, Singapore, Indonesia and our loved country, India. 

She is a story teller by heart, who strongly believes that everyday gives you a new opportunity to spread kindness, positivity and joy. She is a fitness enthusiast who is passionate about Yoga, Ayurveda, Reiki and meditation. She loves music, painting and travelling. Travelling has helped her experience different cultures and has magnified her perspective towards life and people. Apart from being a successful career woman, she is a doting mother of two beautiful children and is blessed with a life partner who complements her in her journey of life. 

She has played instrumental role in the framing tale of Disha Deepan and has provided candid yet valuable inputs throughout the process. Her realistic approach and eye to detail has helped in strategizing Disha Deepan’s belief of helping as many people as possible through the science of dermatoglyphics. 

Akshat Joshi

Akshat Joshi 

Founder, ThinkTrans 
Advisor, Disha Deepan

Akshat, holds a Post-graduate Diploma in Advanced Computing from the Advanced Computing Training School (ACTS), C-DAC, Pune. He has worked in the field of Standardization and Language Computing for more than 11 years. He has played a pioneering role in the policymaking and implementation of India’s Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) which have been rolled out under the “.bharat“. He has also been part of the policy formation groups at ICANN that have shaped universal IDN policies towards the Indian languages. 

He is the founder of “ThinkTrans“, a startup aimed at transforming content getting generated in various languages and media types into the languages and formats which are widely accessible. He strongly believes that technology is an enabler for humans to widen their horizon of experiences which do not lie solely within the grasps of the technology. 

He has been an eminent part of Disha Deepan from the conceptualization phase and is helping in the role of Technology Advisor. His technical views when converse with the experiences of life turns the output into life-changing solutions. He has a habit of delving into content modification where he thinks nit-picking is not actually nit-picking. Like a well-laid out, website gives a glimpse into the company’s approach to things, he believes dermatoglyphics science does the same to human beings.