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    One thing that has hardly ever changed in the whole gamble of the corporate sector is what an employer looks for in an employee, irrespective of the field. Any business is hoping to boost its productivity through the best of the manforce it can get. What’s more, this can be accomplished just when the business relegates work jobs and duties that fit the person’s calibre and specialized area.

    Increase Productivity


    Appropriate Job Match

    Appropriate Job Match

    Figure out if a potential candidate is a correct match for a particular job based on their innates. Identify/Allocate correct teams for trainees as per their innates.

    Stress Management

    Stress Management

    Identify areas of stress for the team members to adapt the correct communication style based on each individual’s innates.

    Performance Improvement

    Performance Improvement

    Learn the best abilities of the employee to be able to work on their capabilities to produce higher efficiency graphs and increase productivity.

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      Corporate Solutions 3

      Opportunities for work are continually opening up and it gets as serious and competitive as it can because each organization needs to make do with the best up-and-comer. To be the best, you have to know your qualities and shortcomings. Do you like to do things solo or would you say you are agreeable in a group?

      Corporate Solutions 3

      Opportunities for work are continually opening up and it gets as serious and competitive as it can because each organization needs to make do with the best up-and-comer. To be the best, you have to know your qualities and shortcomings. Do you like to do things solo or would you say you are agreeable in a group?

      What is your strategy for effectively handling and settling issues? A strategy that supplements you instead of procuring unneeded worry during the process. Communication is significant. And yet, it should be proficient and certain limits ought to be remembered. Moreover, it should be effective. How lucid and formal would you say you are with regard to speaking with your companions or chief? Furthermore, particularly when you can’t help contradicting something. Our scientifically proven biometric analysis process is the perfect approach to advance a sound employer-employee relationship. At the point when the potential and style of working is known to the business for its kindred representatives, the assignments and tasks may be assigned as needed. This may likewise help decrease the odds of terminating a staff or hazy and misjudged guidelines.

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      Manish Mohite
      Manish Mohite
      Had a very wonderful experience with Disha Deepan Bangalore, I am a working professional and was not happy with my previous career so I was looking for a career counselling services for switching my career. Thanks to Disha Deepan I was guided in the right direction and found my strengths and worked on it and now I am very satisfied with my decision to change the career. I would definitely recommend Disha Deepan for anyone who wants to find his correct and purposeful career path.
      Harshi Shah
      Harshi Shah
      Hii! Soo, it’s just one session down, but she is already like a friend to me! She’s so sweet, understanding and most importantly a very good listener. Had the best time opening up in front of her🥰 Her research was literally so true, I didn’t expect this!! Loved it so much, thank you!❤️
      sachin Srivastava
      sachin Srivastava
      Very well touched and explained each aspects. There are many hidden things which as parents we overlook but have lot of potential. We have been able to understand those inside though it was important but never came out, Many thanks to Ms Deepti Arora who has not only helped us to identify the X factor for my son but also gave us precise solutions and alternative to improvise the weak part. I would like to appreciate the initiative Disha Deepan has taken to work for a the potential and nurture the talent for young ones. Thanks for your details report and precise solution.
      Kanika Gupta
      Kanika Gupta
      It was such a great counselling. She talks very politely and peasantly . Loved it totally recommended.
      Aditya Vaidya
      Aditya Vaidya
      It was my first DMIT test and the experience was superb! The counsellors are helpful throughout the process. Their solutions for deciding on a career option proved to be very fruitful for me. They also helped in honing my skills before walking down that career path. I am thankful to the team of Disha Deepan.
      Rayala Seema
      Rayala Seema
      Deepthi is very nice. She can predict the exact cognitive behaviour of a small child with the lobes. She explains it in detail on a weekend parts and suggest solution as well. It would help a lot for children growth.
      Chinmay Dhawade
      Chinmay Dhawade
      Excellent experience of DMIT test, the counseling was good, doing DMIT test was good decision, got good study method counseling for me, thanks to DishaDeepan team. It gives a good look at your strengths and weakness.
      Rakhi Jain
      Rakhi Jain
      This is a very different platform for analyzing our personality and career.Ms.Deepti Arora has been very friendly and kind throughout the session😊Thank you sm Deepti Arora Ma'am and Disha Deepan team for such a wonderful session🙏🏻 I would suggest DMIT counseling for all the parents out there.
      yukti Raj Kishore
      yukti Raj Kishore
      I have got the consultation done by Disha Deepan and Team for my whole family. It was quite an eye opening experience The founder Deepti has a knack and experience to give solutions and guide you with any of your queries with patience.


      It is vital for the success of your business to keep building new strategies based on the market analysis to increase your client base. You need to be attentive to gauge the changing times and be proactive in modifying your policies and procedures to be successfully running and growing your business.

      An integral element of business growth is to understand the needs of your customers and producing products and services to satisfy them. By personalizing your services and inspiring them to offer feedback, you may get insight into your consumers.


      Pre-employment screening refers to the process in which employers verify the background of candidates, screen them to evaluate their behaviour.

      It is used in the hiring process to eliminate a large number of unsuitable applicants without the need for a traditional interview. This simplifies both and increases the effectiveness of the employment process.



      Although most businesses have high-quality standards, they are also challenged by limited resources. In addition, they often need to move quickly when it comes to hiring. Yet each employee and applicant adding business and safety risks.

      DMIT test can help you identify all your strengths and areas that you need to work on so that your skills can help your business grow.


      It can take a long time to analyze the wide variety and quantity of trains in the interviews. Each member of the hiring team may have a different reading or perception of that person. This problem can lead to inconsistencies in assessing a person’s personality for the job.

      Pre-employment tests can be of some help in assessing these qualities. These assessments can determine the right job knowledge, so you can prevent your team from scheduling candidates with incompetence. Cognitive ability and DMIT tests are perfect for analyzing things like typing speed, written communication, and problem-solving.


      Replacing employees who leave your company is a long and costly process. An important advantage of pre-employment tests is that they accurately identify reliable, solid candidates. Resumes, interviews, and reference checks don’t always tell the whole story here.

      The DMIT test for measuring job-specific skills and attributes enables you to identify potential employees at low risk for turnover. For a job that is physically demanding, a physical fitness test will show you which applicants will be able to survive the difficult situation and stay longer in your company.



      Once the hiring process is done it is time for the next step that is to train the new recruits. This method is the most crucial stage of all as it will determine whether the employee is fit enough to stay in the organisation in the long run or will quit early. The better he is trained at the workplace, the chances of him being loyal to the organisation will be higher. Employee counselling and training will lead to early performance results from the employees which will help the business in the long run.

      For this stage, the main question that arises is “How to train the new recruits?”. You want the new employees to meet the expectations as soon as possible and giving them just the technical knowledge is not enough. You need to understand their behaviour, their working pattern and their personality in order to utilise their true potential. Bombarding them with the knowledge they already know will not produce results, but getting to know them and grooming them in a way that best fits their personality will definitely bring you unexpectedly better results.

      The next question that arises is “How do I get to know each employees’ personality in a short period of time?” Disha Deepan is here to answer this question. Disha Deepan conducts a biometric analysis that helps to find out accurate personality traits of each and every human being who conducts this analysis. This report can help them and the employer in the long run immensely. Employee counselling can help the employee as well as the employer to run the business effectively and achieve success.


      Workplace counselling refers to the counselling done by the mid-level managers, trainers, etc to the lower-level employees. This is done to boost the morale of the employees, increase their motivation, and make them better understand the organisational goals and objectives.

      Lower-level employees are hesitant to change. They do not accept change easily. To make them comfortable with this change, the managers need to conduct training sessions through external trainers who can motivate them and make them understand how this change can benefit them and the company.  These trainers are highly knowledgeable and certified and can deal with any kind of employee and can achieve success in having the desired outcome.

      Team Work

      But the step before conducting training sessions is to again make sure that your employees have that proper mindset and can be ready to accept change. If not then Disha Deepan is here to help those employees into a positive and powerful asset to the company who can, later on, bring fruitful results to the business and improve individual performance.

      Disha Deepan can help the employees and  with respect to workplace counselling in the following ways:

      ● Better understand the personality of the employees

      ● Can form a plan of action to groom the employees as per their personality

      ● Train the employees in a specific way that can bring out the best performance they can give

      ● Lead the team effectively and easily

      ● Grow the business through active participation and 100% output from the employees


      To implement a pre-employment testing process, the employer must,

      1) Determine which tests are necessary

      2) Select or develop tests that evaluate the knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics (KSAOs) needed

      3) Monitor the use of the test. Implementing a valid test process can be a lot of time-consuming, but the wealth of information gained may be worth the effort.

      The very first step of all is to identify the KSAOs required to perform the job:

      ● Knowledge is the information the employee must possess (e.g., accounting principles).

      ● Skills are learned behaviours needed to successfully perform a job (e.g., typing).

      ● Abilities are observable behaviours, including those needed to perform the physical requirements of the job (e.g., climbing stairs, lifting).

      ● Other characteristics consist of any other job requirements (e.g., attitude, personality).

      Isolating the KSAOs the new employee must possess on Day 1 is the first process in deciding which test to use. In short, what must the person know and be able to do without additional on-the-job training? Once the total list of KSAOs is formed, the employer can consider testing options out of the few.

      Knowledge is evaluated via written and oral questions. Even if commercial tests are available for a host of specific job fields, they should be properly evaluated for reliability and validity before use.
      The employer also has the option to develop and validate customised questions for an interview or a written exam and making sure that the interviewers ask the same questions to each applicant for the position.

      Skills are best assessed by making the applicant perform them in practical. Some skills are more easily assessed than others ,but testing key job skills are valuable for the organization . Employers should develope a stadardization. Skills can be tested in one way by asking the employees for work samples or by developing job-related asssessment centres .

      Abilities can also be best assessed by demonstration in reality. When strenuous physical activity is involved, safety should be properly taken care for evaluation. Almost all the employer prefer the mental ability test,which measured general intelligence ,though it s uncertain whether such tests predict jon performance ,also they often have a discriminatory impact. For jobs that require frequent learning or mental acumen, a job -related assesssment centre is a better option for employers.

      Other characteristics can be accessed in various other ways, depending on specific attributes. Some of these tests can be classified as medical evaluations and cannot be administered until the employer makes the job offer to be employer.


      The pre-employments test is reliable in giving you metrics that can be validated. It is easy for employers to compare data between applicants and provide honest insights. The data can also be used for employee counselling at a later stage. In most cases, a feeling of inadequacy may not be the most accurate indicator of a candidate. The number often tells a story and you can trust your decision with quantitative indicators from across the board.

      It guides you in the right direction while making tough decisions among the last few candidates, without putting your final decision on 100% data. For personality traits, confirm with data and then discuss the findings with the rest of the hired team.

      Corporate life is a life full of challenges one after the other. One does not only need to cross those challenges but needs to triumph over them. For this purpose, getting to know yourself and your team is important.

      The key to success lies in your own fingerprints. Pass any challenges that life throws in front of you with a smile. Every challenge can be completed with a systematic approach that best suits the person’s innate personality. Disha Deepan is here to bring that smile.



      What is the need of DMIT corporate solutions?

      The scientific DMIT test helps employees boost their careers by learning about their workplace behaviour, their interests and competency areas, and ways of improvement. This arms them with the best career options and recommendations on how to excel in their chosen field.

      HR teams are using it to define career choices as well as for finding the right candidate for a job and accurately discovering employees’ potential for professional development.

      Why should I use Disha Deepan for corporate solutions service?

      We use 47 identification patterns which are the largest in the world to select and analyze your personality type and traits. It gives us deeper insight into your brain to identify the correct job profile for you. It helps us suggest the best methods for your job satisfaction and stress management. Disha Deepan’s DMIT is the best way to find your work-life balance and identify your area of expertise.

      How can I get good corporate solution service?

      You can reach out to us in the following ways to setup Online or Personal sessions:

      1. Please call or WhatsApp us at +919818037087 with your queries and we can schedule a session for you.
      2. You can also fill the Enquiry form here and we will get back to you earliest.
      3. Or you can fill the Google form and we will reach out to you. https://forms.gle/tDqCmEQTorjdH3vM8

      How long does it take to notice progress in corporate solutions counselling?

      Once you start implementing the suggested lifestyle changes and communication techniques by our counsellors as per your brain inclination and inborn characteristics and traits, you will feel an instant change in how people perceive you, they will take you seriously, you will be able to express yourself better and perform better.

      How do I know if I need corporate solutions?

      If you are a working professional or about to start working then it is the right time to go for Corporate Counselling. It helps you identify your strengths and improvement areas and our counsellors work out a plan for you to groom yourself and opt for a work profile that suits your personality. It also helps build your learning and communication skills so that you are more aware of your work environment.

      What does a pre-employment screening consist of?

      Human Resource Managers use pre-employment screening to maximize employee potential.  One of the most effective types of pre-employment tests is the personality test (DMIT), used to evaluate the human personality to make the right hiring decisions. They are designed to identify workplace patterns, relevant characteristics, and traits and reflect how people may respond to different situations. These types of pre-employment testing help build self-awareness and facilitate team building.

      What is your privacy policy? How is personal identifying information protected?

      Our Biometric Evaluation system and software are 100% encrypted. No one can misuse the information because the system gathers it in mirror image form and deletes all biometric data the moment patterns are identified. Hence neither the analyst team nor any external person or server have any access to anyone’s personal data. Your personal details are highly secure with our system and we give 100% assurance of the same.

      Why should my company perform pre employment screening checks?

      Pre-employment tests have revolutionized the way hiring is being conducted globally. Traditionally, human resource managers have relied on telephonic and face-to-face interviews to fill vacancies. However, this approach has proven to be flawed, eventually, with an increase in the number of bad hires and early attrition rates. Additionally, the incompetence of bad hires costs an organization in multiple ways.

      Advancements in the HR tech space led to organizations adopting pre-employment tests to increase their quality of hires.