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    Quite often an individual may wind up losing themself to the hustle-clamour of the city or just life. Mundane routines, for the most part, do not generally accommodate a lot of room with the expectation of some personal time. Our bodies work like clockwork, be it a student, or a homemaker, or just anyone. We get dull and neglect to tune in to our heart and our inner self. A pastime or a hobby gives you just that. It is a space to escape in; to do those everyday schedules right, your heart must be fulfilled. Over the long haul, we are presented with so much information and numerous possibilities. Be that as it may, this lone expands the disarray.


    Alternative Career Options


    ‘Me’ Time

    ‘Me’ Time

    Learn effective ways to positively utilize your ‘me-time’ as per your innates.

    ‘We’ Time

    ‘We’ Time

    Know the common fun activities as a family based on the family innates.

    Skip Trial & Error

    Skip Trial & Error

    Know which sport or music instrument / dance or language or art your child can master as per his/her innate and, not based on external factors.

    Quick Contact

      Alternative Career Options 2

      A lot of parents these days give the same amount of significance to extracurriculars as well as academics. And especially for kids, they tend to learn faster when they are younger. They grasp quickly based on their surroundings. As an individual, yes, you would perhaps love to have a go at everything. To what extent before you locate that one hobby or interest that continues energizing and fueling your train of thought and creativity. When you have discovered them, they only from time to time change. Starting a business based out of your interest is barely fallible as you are already good at it because that is what your brain loves. Thus, you will always have the support of your brain. This is particularly so favourable for homemakers or women hoping to restart their vocation. The biometric analysis can help you identify Solutions Activities that are best for your child. Rather than taking an explorative approach to this, find the correct one sooner to help your child grow and progress every day.



      If passion and enthusiasm are present, people tend to be stronger when they experience obstacles. People who are passionate about what they do, instead of just “in it for the money” tend to be people who have more positive perspectives and ready to conquer difficulty through critical thinking.

      Nowadays, when someone is looking for a job or deciding on an alternative career option, they need to not only achieve financial stability but also love what they have done. People don’t just want to go to work – they have the courage to dream that they will enjoy it. With that in mind, then the question arises how can you translate your passion into a business?


      Passion is not enough when you want to succeed. In this day and age, you will have to work harder than ever. If you’re passionate about what you’re doing, you’re already two steps ahead. You will have to put action to your passion in order for you to get out there and make it.

      Alternative Career Options 3

      People are working hard these days and you have to stay ahead or be good. Practice it even if it is any type of art. It doesn’t matter what your hobby is, but you can change it in your career. Qualify in the area you want to excel in and make it your alternative career option. If you just sit around and do what you want, it probably won’t happen. All of the people who are famous, worked hard to become the best versions of themselves. You can do this too but not without a plan.


      When looking for a job, showcasing your most advanced, relevant skills on your resume will help employers understand why you are right for the job.There is no skill that cannot be converted into a fruitful career. The more you groom your skills that you best own, the more you will succeed in your career.

      For that purpose knowing which skill to groom and master is of utmost importance. You don’t want to be a Jack of all trades and master on none right? You can get to know which skill you own can result in a fruitful career with Disha Deepan.

      Disha Deepan conducts biometric analysis that can find out your innate personality which will help you find out that specific career skill that can take you miles ahead in the future towards success.

      Don’t just have a career like everyone else. Do what you love and convert your passion into an alternative career option.


      1. You can start your own business with the skill that you best possess

      2. Doing what you love can never get you bored and stressed in life ever

      3. Your part time hobby can be converted into a full and high paying career

      4. You will be your own boss and will never have to follow the daily 9-5 routine ever again

      5. You can make your wishes into reality and live a successful and wealthy life



      I know my abilities and hobbies, so how could your program help me?

      You only know those hobbies and abilities which you have explored already. But there are certain things which you haven’t got a chance to explore because you may have yet not realized the potential in that area. Those are called ‘Hidden Talents’. Our analysis helps you identify your unidentified unexplored talents and hone them in the correct style which is applicable as per your brain functions.

      How do I know alternative career consulting is useful for me?

      These are times when everyone needs to be multi-faceted to be happy and successful in life. And we certainly can’t afford to waste time in identifying which extra stone to turn in order to identify our talents apart from academics. Additional skills help us build a stronger personality and equip us to deal with any adverse situations in a better way to survive. Hence everyone should be aware of which skill to develop into an alternate career and we help you bring that in front.

      How can career vision help me with my alternative career?

      Once you have a clear understanding of your personality, aptitude, and characteristics, you can identify and build better career choices for you to lead a successful life. Once you get your analysis done, we help you identify the correct choices for you academically and otherwise. Your alternative career can be in sports, creative field, research, or anything.

      When should parents talk to their teens about career and its importance?

      Career is very important for all of us and especially our teenage children who are about to enter college and in few years to the world of the rat race. Hence it is very essential to identify correct career choices and equally important is to give enough time honing the skills required to hone those choices and build a strong path towards a successful career. So parents should talk to their children about career choices as early as when they are 8th standard and build from there.

      at are the advantages of alternative career counseling?

      Indeed, a robust career is worth searching for, striving for, and giving the best shot for; but many times in doing so, we forget that a bend on the road is not the end of the road. We do have alternatives at our disposal too, which, if carefully pondered over and given a serious attempt can turn out to be the best careers that we could have ever hoped for ourselves. Hence we should identify alternatives as well and hone and nurture those skills as well as focus on our first choice. Counselling helps you identify the right choice for you.

      How much time do I need to commit to the Disha Deepan Team?

      We are committed to your success and hence would appreciate your 100% commitment towards following the suggestions and strategies. The more you will work on yourself the more you will be nearer to a content life. We are here with you to guide you at every step and look forward to the same will and strength from you ‘for you’.

      How can I opt for this counselling?

      You can reach out to us in the following ways to setup Online or Personal sessions:

      1. Please call or WhatsApp us at +919818037087 with your queries and we can schedule a session for you.
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