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Thanks to Disha Deepan for guiding me as only after your guidance I got the answers of many why’s. Now many of Anmol’s acts are clear to me. After your consultation, I can tackle those situations in a better way. Thanks a lot for your useful tips, I have started following a few of them. I will suggest others also to contact you and get benefitted.

Bhavna (Mother of 13 yr old boy)Business Person

Ajay says Initially, I did not believe and thought Disha Deepan’s report and analysis to be more in line with palmistry and astrology but after the result and the detailed analysis, I understood this is more to do with the brain and the neurological patterns connecting our brain to fingertips. I found the analysis helpful in understanding myself better and knowing ways to work on my approach on many aspects. Definitely, worth a shot if you are open-minded and ready for exploring new things. Rupali says Disha Deepan has been a magical mirror that provided a unique and accurate method to understand me and my family. This scientific analysis helped me identify the whole family innates, knowing which changed my overall perspective towards myself, kids and spouse. Disha Deepan techniques guided me to the beautiful world of joyful parenting.

Ajay & Rupali (Couple Based in USA – Parents of a daughter and a son)Expatriates with 20 yrs of multi geographical experience in their fields

Thanks for the report and special thanks for the personalized service! I would highly recommend Disha Deepan’s service to others. Your service actually helps in unravelling the mystery that surrounds many parents with regards to their children's career choices. Now after receiving the report, I am pretty much clear about the areas where I have to work upon. It is not only the Uvika's report but also it has many useful tips for the confused and apprehensive parents who put unnecessary pressure on their children, knowingly and unknowingly. Now I fully know when and how I have to encourage Uvika towards the fields which are meant for her or for which she is naturally inclined to, rather than going through the 'hit and trial' method. This will definitely save our time, energy and money and will help us to be more focused and hence, successful. Thanks once again for your help and time!!

Shuchi (mother of 10 yr old girl)Housemaker

Commendable experience it was, frankly speaking. Liked and appreciated the details given to us for my daughters by Deepti, Disha Deepan Counsellor. It was a paradigm shift for me and my wife in understanding our daughters. The results have been an eye-opener. The report established the linkage between their brain and how to achieve personal and professional growth by mapping out a pathway towards excellence.

Avneesh (Father of two daughters of age 10 & 13 yrs)CIO, IT with 20 yrs experience

Today I got my profile analysis done by Disha Deepan’s head counsellor Deepti. I have to say, this is one of the best discussion I had about my shortcomings and strengths. I am able to find the issues in my approach regarding both personal and professional lives. She also gave me the methods to work upon my shortcomings to achieve more in my personal and professional goals. Thanks so much, Deepti and Disha Deepan for taking out time and working with me on the process. Keep spreading awareness through Disha Deepan.

SantoshIT Professional with 20 yrs experience

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