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    Career Counselling is a scientific method where a student who is looking to define a career path or a professional who is seeking career change is helped to know themselves, their personality, their strengths and improvement areas, their innate skills and talents.

    We, at Disha Deepan, utilise these findings to the students or professionals’ advantage and suggest a career path that suits them best. Our method as trusted career counsellors in Pune is well recognized and totally bias free of language, ethnicity, environment and feelings. We use Brain Analysis to identify the innate details pertaining to a candidate.

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      What is Career Counselling


      Career Stream

      Career Stream

      Know if you should be pursuing Arts, Commerce, Maths or Biology as per your innate.

      Graduation and Post graduation

      Graduation and Post graduation

      Know the roadmap for College, Vocation and Occupation.

      Optimized Learning Styles

      Optimized Learning Styles

      Know your learning styles through advanced scientific SRW (Site-Recite-Write) sequence & thought pattern balance.

      Online Career Counselling
      Disha Deepan’s Online Career Counselling in Pune

      By using a biometric evaluation to determine your personality, flair, and interests, our online career counselling in Pune can determine your aptitude for any line of work.

      Our counselling services—offline and online—are modified and personalized in order to satisfy the particular requirements of our clients. We serve both students and seasoned professionals in their transition by offering career counselling through our qualified and skilled Career Counsellors in Bangalore, Pune & Hyderabad.

      Our main goal is to give our clients a clear sense of career direction as well as the tools they need to successfully take on new roles and work around their job planning.

      Our main motto is to provide our clients with a clear sense of career direction, the necessary tools to work around their job planning, and successfully take on a new role.



      Our Google Reviews

      Manish Mohite
      Manish Mohite
      Had a very wonderful experience with Disha Deepan Bangalore, I am a working professional and was not happy with my previous career so I was looking for a career counselling services for switching my career. Thanks to Disha Deepan I was guided in the right direction and found my strengths and worked on it and now I am very satisfied with my decision to change the career. I would definitely recommend Disha Deepan for anyone who wants to find his correct and purposeful career path.
      Harshi Shah
      Harshi Shah
      Hii! Soo, it’s just one session down, but she is already like a friend to me! She’s so sweet, understanding and most importantly a very good listener. Had the best time opening up in front of her🥰 Her research was literally so true, I didn’t expect this!! Loved it so much, thank you!❤️
      sachin Srivastava
      sachin Srivastava
      Very well touched and explained each aspects. There are many hidden things which as parents we overlook but have lot of potential. We have been able to understand those inside though it was important but never came out, Many thanks to Ms Deepti Arora who has not only helped us to identify the X factor for my son but also gave us precise solutions and alternative to improvise the weak part. I would like to appreciate the initiative Disha Deepan has taken to work for a the potential and nurture the talent for young ones. Thanks for your details report and precise solution.
      Kanika Gupta
      Kanika Gupta
      It was such a great counselling. She talks very politely and peasantly . Loved it totally recommended.
      Aditya Vaidya
      Aditya Vaidya
      It was my first DMIT test and the experience was superb! The counsellors are helpful throughout the process. Their solutions for deciding on a career option proved to be very fruitful for me. They also helped in honing my skills before walking down that career path. I am thankful to the team of Disha Deepan.
      Rayala Seema
      Rayala Seema
      Deepthi is very nice. She can predict the exact cognitive behaviour of a small child with the lobes. She explains it in detail on a weekend parts and suggest solution as well. It would help a lot for children growth.
      Chinmay Dhawade
      Chinmay Dhawade
      Excellent experience of DMIT test, the counseling was good, doing DMIT test was good decision, got good study method counseling for me, thanks to DishaDeepan team. It gives a good look at your strengths and weakness.
      Rakhi Jain
      Rakhi Jain
      This is a very different platform for analyzing our personality and career.Ms.Deepti Arora has been very friendly and kind throughout the session😊Thank you sm Deepti Arora Ma'am and Disha Deepan team for such a wonderful session🙏🏻 I would suggest DMIT counseling for all the parents out there.
      yukti Raj Kishore
      yukti Raj Kishore
      I have got the consultation done by Disha Deepan and Team for my whole family. It was quite an eye opening experience The founder Deepti has a knack and experience to give solutions and guide you with any of your queries with patience.


      What do we do when we are sick? Visit a doctor who’s an expert in the field of that disease.

      Similarly, a career counsellor is someone who clears the air of confusion and guides you on the right path towards your passions and goals by leveraging your strengths and working on your weaknesses. This unbiased guidance is essential to plan your career with a long-term perspective.

      Our career consultants in Pune will streamline your career and will help you to find the most suited career as per your innate personality.

      Why should you seek Career Counselling


      As responsible career consultants in Pune, we always provide students and professionals with the best guidance with the help of our scientific technique of Brain Analysis (DMIT) and the experience we have gained in providing positive results to the students and professionals in their respective career paths. Here is our Career Counselling process.

      What would one do if they are sick? They would visit a doctor who’s an expert in the field of medicine.

      Similarly, a career counsellor is someone who clears the air of confusion and guides you on the right path towards your passions, goals by leveraging your strengths and working on your weaknesses. This guidance is essential to plan one’s career with a long-term persetive.

      Career Dashboard

      Career Dashboard

      Our Career Dashboard lets you find out the correct school board, appropriate career streams after the 10th and 12th standard, your career type, your occupational projections and your suitable job profiles as per your innate personality and traits. It tells you about the effective ways of learning and memory retention techniques to be able to highlight your strengths and work on your improvement areas.

      Biometric Tool

      Our biometric tool assesses students based on their innate passion and brain capability including attitude, personality & interest. It is a 100% scientific and reliable method that is free of bias from language, environment, place, ethnicity and any other external factors. The assessment provides a 35-page report giving recommendations of the top suitable career efficiencies.

      Biometric Tool
      One to One session

      One to One Session

      Understand and discuss with a trained counsellor who will help you know your innate strengths and improvement areas. Identify your opportunities without trial and error method, which are based on your brain capabilities rather than challenging your brain with less advantageous career options. Students along with their parents and professionals looking for career change can undergo a detailed session to get an understanding of the most suitable careers and courses they should opt for as per their personality traits and talents.

      Regular Support

      Our career counsellors are just a call away. You can chat or talk with us at any point in your life about any confusion on important decisions of your life. We provide 5 complimentary sessions valid for your lifetime after your first discussion for your further queries and questions. Our regular support has given us the unique edge and reliability with our existing family of clients and has helped us tremendously in onboarding the new ones.

      Regular Support


      All the students until 8th grade are eligible for academic counselling and from 8th grade onwards all students are eligible for career counselling. The professionals who are seeking career change are also eligible for career counselling.

      As a student or professional if you face these questions in your daily life then let our experienced career counsellors in Pune come to your rescue.

      ● Which field should I choose after my 10th?

      ● Should I be taking science or commerce?

      ● Would parents agree with my choice of work?

      ● Where is my career headed?

      ● If I don’t have job satisfaction what should I do next?

      Pondering and thinking over these multiple questions day in and day out can leave you feeling aimless. That’s where Career counselling steps in!

      Several million youths make up the population today in India. They are today’s youth who are tomorrow’s future. Getting proper guidance at the right time is the key to the youth living a fulfilled life with a plethora of career options to choose from and not living a life filled with regrets.


      Career counselling has become more vital than ever before. Be it a student who needs a direction with regards to which stream or profession to choose or be it a professional who feels aimless and is concerned about the big break in his career. Career or vocational counselling has benefits manifold as it assists students and professionals in choosing their passion or their dream career paths. It avoids the individual from being under peer pressure or from choosing the so-called popular choices in the professional or educational sphere.

      Pune being a gem of a city is seeing growth in various fields of industry. It is encouraging people to settle here with their dream job. But is the job you are dreaming to get the right one for you? Does that dream job match your innate personality? We provide the best career counselling in Pune with respect to these questions.

      With the help of vocational guidance, Disha Deepan’s career counsellors in Pune can help you identify and follow your true calling and dabble in a profession of your choice.

      Why should you choose Disha Deepan


      Deepti Arora

      Deepti Arora, the senior counsellor at Disha Deepan with her team has experience helping and guiding over 15000+ individuals and has given positive results for each and every one of them. She has done her certification in Dermatoglyphics Neuroscientific Evaluation which is a scientific method to help people ease their pains of life. If you are looking to find the perfect career counsellor, you have reached the right place. Get your appointment scheduled NOW!!!



      Will I get personalized career counselling?

      Yes, it will be a personalized counselling session of 2 hours. After that 3 more follow-up sessions can be scheduled for clarifying further queries and questions.

      What is the duration of a Career Counselling session?

      The first session takes around 2 hours of time. Details regarding personality, characteristics, traits, talents, strong and weak areas of the brain and their relatability in identifying the correct career are discussed in the first session in detail. Further query sessions are of a 1-hour duration.

      What are the charges of Career Counselling?

      Please call or WhatsApp us at +918851145926 with your queries and we can schedule a session for you to provide details. You can reach out to us through Email (Deepti@dishadeepan.com) as well to ask your queries.

      What if I am not satisfied with the counselling?

      The counselling provided is very scientific and one of a kind. It relates the suggestions made to your personality, characteristics and traits. 3 follow-up sessions are provided for any clarifications you seek. Rest assured our consultants are the best and provide unbiased guidance keeping your benefits as our priority.