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Why you should choose a career counsellor?

Currently, there are many resources available online that give a certain idea about the types of career choices one can have and they do provide some helpful information but are limited to a certain extent. A career counsellor not only possesses all the information and knowledge but also has a lot of experience in guiding students to their right career path. As a responsible career counsellor in Bangalore, we always provide students who visit us with the best guidance with the help of our various techniques and the experience we had gained in providing positive results to the students in their respective career paths.

Career-Defining Solutions

A successful career is where your body, psyche and heart are on the whole similarly contributed. We as a whole have the base potential to do most things. However, the quality with which we do it or fulfil it depends on how much we want to do it. It is about what intrigues you.

career counsellor in bangalore


Career Stream

Career Stream

Know if you should be pursuing Arts, Commerce, Maths or Biology as per your innate.

Graduation and Post graduation

Graduation and Post graduation

Know the roadmap for College, Vocation and Occupation.

Optimized Learning Styles

Optimized Learning Styles

Know your learning styles through advanced scientific SRW (Site-Recite-Write) sequence & thought pattern balance.

best career counselling in bangalore

When it comes to choosing the right career for yourself, you should opt for something that you have passion for, where one can imply his/her full potential and grow in their respective fields. Another interesting point is, WHAT can you effectively do that opens the most extreme potential inside you. In today’s time, there are plenty of career opportunities to choose from and choosing from the many becomes a challenge, This is important because career gives you the means to live by and you possibly cannot afford to utilize time exploring things and fields when you can very easily come to know the best choice for you and get down to the work straight! This is chiefly to determine avoidable breaks in your profession. Every person is unique and good at something. You just need to know what that is

because you will certainly be better at it than someone else whose potential lies elsewhere. If the genius is tapped into correctly, nothing can stop you from flourishing. Disha Deepan as a dedicated career counselling agency in Bangalore and has successfully helped students to identify and choose their right career path through our special innovative career choosing techniques.


Lucky for Sachin Tendulkar to recognize his passion and capabilities sooner and continually work in that direction and be immensely successful today. If Steve Jobs knew his true calling then probably he would have been a different kind of student altogether and not struggled so much to find purpose. Use this analysis to gain more clarity on the right career path for you.

Importance of Career Counselling nowadays

The concept of career counselling has evolved over the years and the demand for qualified and experienced career counsellors continues to grow. Previous generations relied on more traditional career paths and were guided by family fathers, family friends, and teachers, or professors.


Times have changed a lot. Previously some wide career options were available, for example, medicine, engineering, law, banking services, armed forces, and government jobs, etc. However, these days and age job options are increasing with each passing decade as emerging fields like Artificial Intelligence and data science are at the center point. Current times have taught us that uncertainty is an indisputable truth of this universe. Therefore, we should not guess about the future of our careers. One must aim to select a line of work this is satisfying and rewarding.


Nowadays more and more students are striving for career counselling to help them identify the right career. In addition to finding the perfect career, the top career counselling providers in Bangalore like Disha Deepan can help you decide how to reach your career goals. 

Find your Perfect Career with the Best Career Counselling in Bangalore

The biggest decision in life is choosing your career. According to experts, you will spend one-third of your entire life working, so it is important to choose a career carefully. Your chosen career should be one that you are enjoying, you should have the qualifications and there should be enough scope in that field. The most efficient way to make sure you make the right choice is to seek the best career counselling in Bangalore.


Bangalore, One of the largest cities in India, also known as the capital of IT or the most educated workforce in the world as India’s ‘Silicon Valley’. However, this is a huge hub with numerous opportunities for many sectors, not just the IT industry.


The huge number of career opportunities available makes it even more important to choose the best career counselling in Bangalore so that you can plan your career carefully for your career path.

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