Best Career Options for Girls in India

Best career options for girls in India

Are you looking for the best career options for girls in India? These are the best times for girls who want to make a good career in India as the line demarking the careers for men and women is diminishing. Females are standing tall and working shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts in every field and being successful. Hence if you know your traits and talents, your personality and interest areas and your attitude, there is no stopping you to make a fulfilling career for yourself. There are a lot of job and freelancing opportunities in all kinds of industries and trades.

The workforce in India is becoming more inclined and friendly towards women. Women are now equal earners in the household and their responsibilities are shared with other members of the family. Still lot of work needs to be done to engage women who are returning to work after long gaps or girls who have new aspirations and dreams. “Beti padhao, beti bachao” is one great step towards it and we need to let our girls opt for skill-based vocational courses so that they can apply for the best career options for girls in India.

The right meaning of Women’s Empowerment in India will be truly realized when women will have access to the careers which are best paying to make them self sufficient and financially independent. For that to happen we need to create a work environment that is adapting and amenable to the 45-year-old women coming to work after being a mom for 10 or more years. Also, we need to build a secure and social environment in colleges to give equal opportunities to girls so that they can opt for the best career options which are as per their personality and lifestyle.

Women and girls have numerous strengths. Keeping in mind those strengths and the available career options in India, here is a list of the best career options for girls in India where they can leverage their creativity, passion and career goals.


  👉 Clinical Psychologist

  👉 Data Scientist

  👉 HR Manager

  👉 Microbiologist

  👉 Civil Services officer

  👉 Aviation Officer

  👉 Sports Person

  👉 Image Consultant

  👉 Entertainment Industry Jobs

  👉 Teacher

  👉 Journalist

  👉 Cartoonist

  👉 Blogger / Youtuber

  👉 Defence Personnel

  👉 Virologist

  👉 Jewellery Designing

  👉 Fashion Designing

  👉 Makeup Artist

  👉 Doctor

  👉 Nurse

  👉 Software Engineer

  👉 Nutritionist

  👉 Wedding Planner / Event Manager

  👉 Bank Probationary Officer

  👉 Judicial Magistrate

  👉 Lawyer

  👉 Pharmacologist

  👉 Social Media Manager

  👉 Counsellor

  👉 Business Administrator


And the list goes on of the high paying and satisfying career options for girls and women. Females can opt for a variety of roles ranging from program managers to sales heads to chief technology officers. Women are now very well received in Senior Management and their voice is equally heard and appreciated for the right ideas and with the right mindset.

Women can do anything from having a great personal and social life to having awesomely curated careers, from wanting a family to financial independence. You want to have it all then you can certainly have it all if you plan properly and get skilled with great discipline.

You can opt for full-time jobs as well as part-time, stay at home jobs whichever is your cup of tea. Especially for the mothers wanting to return to work most important thing to keep in mind is your health, a timetable and clear communication to ask for help from family. Don’t get overwhelmed. Learn to delegate and keep yourself hydrated.