How to utilize your time with self (me-time) positively and effectively?

Blog - How to utilize your time with self (me-time) positively and effectively?

Quite often we may wind up losing ourselves to the hustle-clamour of life. Mundane routines, for the most part, do not generally accommodate a lot of room with the expectation of some personal time. We get dull and neglect to tune in to our hearts and our inner self. A pastime or a hobby gives you just that. To do those everyday schedules right, your heart must be fulfilled.

All of us tend to engage in external something, seldom remembering the world within us. But only when we dive deep into our soul, we realize who we truly are. It gives you a place where you can do what you are passionate about, you can revive yourself as a person, learn that one thing which was long pending in the bucket list, visit that place which you love in pictures but never got a chance to plan a trip because others were not available to join.

Many people view individual time as the best thing ever. But some people struggle with being alone because they cannot be alone with their thoughts. The lack of self validation causes this anxiety and thoughts which equals ‘being alone’ to loneliness.

Here are some ways to spend some quality ‘me’ time:

  1.       Indulge in Your Hobby

Haven’t got time to complete that painting? Don’t remember when you last played your musical instrument? A trip idea lost because you didn’t find the company? Do it all, now is the time to indulge yourself in what you love to do – Read, Paint, Sing, Travel, and love yourself for doing it. There are many benefits of having a hobby as it helps in spending time while enjoying the activity, having a hobby also acts as a stress reliever because the hobby takes away the mind from the negative thoughts. 

  1.       Learn New

When was it that you tried something new? – Met a new person, learned a new skill, a new dish, a new design, a new adventure, a new game, or any new hobby. Try it today and give a pat on your back to be able to rock it like a pro. So many avenues to learn new things now – Utilize technology, explore social media to your advantage.

  1.       Explore Within

When was that time you took a cup of tea or coffee and sat in your balcony or veranda talking with self? Have you tried to know yourself, diving in your thoughts, engaging with yourself and learning to introspect to find peace and positivity which is hidden inside? It’s really important to know oneself as a person and relate to improve and adapt to the surroundings. Once you know yourself, improvement is easy. Having a hobby helps in discovering things which that one is good at.

  1.       Be Your Inspiration

Often, we look around us for inspiration, and rightly so, it’s available in abundance! Someone is a great cook whereas someone lends a beautiful voice to a melody. There are others who are determined to grow fitter whereas someone’s art can communicate far better than words could. Of course, there is inspiration one draws in various ways and from multiple sources. However how often do we feel that we have surprised our own selves? How often do we believe that we have probably outdone our own expectations of self? How often do we feel we have stretched us beyond the boundaries we had defined for ourselves? It takes the serious reflection of our own contributions to credit us of our failures or successes and to truly own them up.

  1.       Thank Yourself

As much as a critical reflection of self is essential to stay honest and make progress, positive reflection and self-acknowledgement are equally important. Learn to thank yourself apart from thanking others, to acknowledge yourself along with appreciating others, and feel inspired by yourself as much as seeking inspiration around you. Learning to say thanks to yourself helps in increasing self worth.

  1.       Be Your Source of Validation

Yes, it feels pretty awesome to get constant messages and to have constant plans. But take a moment and ask yourself why you crave this continuous attention. Could it be that you don’t know how to be the source of your validation? Realize self worth and validate it within. You don’t need others to validate goodness and talent in you. Learn to be proud of yourself and be really happy about knowing it.

  1.       Pamper, Pamper and Pamper Yourself

Life is all about celebrating the journey and the tiny milestones along the way. After all, the destination is a sum total of these milestones without which it wouldn’t hold meaning. It’s not to undermine the celebration of achieving a destination but the memory of that is short-lived and momentary. It is the memory of all those milestones we touch along the way that makes all the difference and fills us with life. Pause, turn inward, reflect, and pat yourselves on your backs for achieving these milestones that shape up your journey. Treat yourself with indulgent coffee or smack up delicious ice cream or buy that one thing you always desired – do whatever that makes the cut.